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Does it Help?

​      IT DOES!!!!

2015---In the final days of the last legislative session, it was reported that a parent was calling legislators every 12 seconds. The message was clear: WE DO NOT WANT MORE CUTS AT OUR SCHOOLS. A group of students from Andrada High School spoke out and lobbied long into the night.  The result: the JTED program, which was going to be eliminated, managed to be spared for another year. Older district-sponsored charter schools saw their differential funding cut by 50% instead of 100%. This was entirely credited to efforts by students and parents

2016---Over 11,000 email and hundreds of calls 

  • VSD will be able to keep all day kindergarten at Acacia and Mesquite (these were scheduled to go away for the 2016-17 school year).
  • The Chinese Immersion Program is able to add an additional grade level to the program (this program was scheduled to be scaled back in the 2016-17 school year).
  • The Chinese Immersion Program will be able to purchase the required resources that until now, they did without. 
  • Every school in the district will receive funds for soft capital items (books, desk, chairs, microscopes, etc.) that they were unable to purchase the last 5 years due to capital budget cuts at the state level.

  • VOTE for candidates and bills that support our schools and our students
  • Hold our legislators accountable--They represent YOU
    • Go to their community events and ask questions
    • Call them about their votes (a one-minute call is much more effective than an e-mail or sign an online petition)
  • Like our VPN Educational Advocacy Facebook page to stay informed

  • Educate others: talk about legislation on the playground, discuss budget cuts at sports, Like or share a Facebook post 
  • Sign up for mailings from organizations that support education events, let people know what is happening in our schools

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